Dr. Fahed Hakim.

The Israeli who flies with the birds

When US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency river landing almost two weeks ago after a collision with Canada geese disabled the plane’s engines, people across the world marveled at the pilot’s prowess in getting all 155 passengers to safety.

Engineering is what counts, even in society

“For any product, knowing what you want it to do – and understanding how it is going to be used – is the key,” Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, of Ziv-Av Engineering. Ensuring security among big crowds, the ones that frequent stadiums, …

Israel’s Crew 972 is animated about cartoons

Israel’s Crew 972 is animated about cartoons

Hollywood is the center of the film industry in the West, Bollywood its center in the East. But where is the capital of Toontown? If Crew 972 has anything to say about it, Tel Aviv will be the world center …

Providing an Israeli shelter for Africa’s refugees

Yohannes Bayu, founder of the African Refugees Development Center. His own experiences as a refugee fueled his decision to help others.For Yohannes Bayu, founder of the African Refugees Development Center (ARDC), time is always of the essence. To talk to …

Sudoku. Photo by Rick McCharles

The Israeli to blame for your Sudoku addiction

When asked by colleagues or potential business partners, high-tech entrepreneur Gideon Greenspan says he has 25 years of experience as a software developer. Most people scratch their heads, of course: Greenspan, who’s developed the world’s most popular online Sudoku game Web Sudoku, is only 32 years old and he looks much younger than his age.

From fighter pilot to entrepreneur

Israel’s serial entrepreneur Arik Czerniak likes to share his experience with upcoming start-ups.Is being a fighter pilot good training for a CEO? Israeli Arik Czerniak seems to think so. “In the Air Force, we used to say that experience is …

Jerusalem above all others

Leon Botstein, music director and principal conductor of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, wants to ensure that the sounds of Jerusalem can be heard around the entire world.Sometimes things go right. In 2003, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (JSO), plagued by debt …