Anorectal problems are common but not often talked about. Image via

Israel’s RDD Pharma is developing novel therapeutics for gastro and anorectal disorders people are embarrassed to discuss with their doctors.

The kids at preschool in Baka al-Gharbiyeh, 30 miles northeast of Tel Aviv, love their new books.

Lantern Library is giving storybooks to children in all Arab, Bedouin and Druze kindergartens and special-education Israeli schools, and some preschools.

Some of the entrepreneurs at UpWest Labs. Photo by Maki Oshiro.

Israeli startups get nurtured and mentored in UpWest Labs, a Silicon Valley high-tech accelerator founded just for them.

It may look like back-to-school night, but it’s actually Google Moms. Photo by Niv Kantor.

At Campus TLV for Moms, enterprising young mothers learn business tips from the pros while nursing, burping and changing their babies.

Photo of the Week – Hard walking

It’s the season for tramping the Israeli countryside on good long walks. But not everyone can keep up the pace.

Photo of the Week – Hard walking
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Easter Sunday, Jerusalem 1941

Times were tense in early 1941 as Jerusalem waited on the sidelines of a world at war. Perhaps that’s why the Matson Photo Service chose to document Easter services at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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