Knesset to erect solar energy panels on roof

In 2014, the Israeli parliament will become one of the world’s first legislatures to generate its own electricity.

A plan to install photovoltaic panels for the generation of electricity on the Israeli parliament building’s roof is moving ahead and the project is expected to be up and running in 2014. According to a report in Globes, the Knesset will become one of the of the world’s first legislatures to generate its own electricity.

The Public Utilities Authority (Electricity) allows electricity producers to consume the power they produce and compensate it from their electricity bill.

“Solar power has become economical in Israel, and we’re at the start of a process which will change the urban landscape over the coming years,” Renewable Energy Association of Israel CEO Eitan Parnas told the Israeli financial newspaper.

The Knesset would be following in the footsteps of a more famous parliament building – the White House is set to install 20-50 photovoltaic panels on its roof.

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