Israeli battery science expert wins prestigious IBA Yeager Award

Prof. Doron Aurbach awarded for research into battery power and extending battery life.


An Israeli professor and battery science pioneer is the winner of this year’s prestigious IBA Yeager Award for his work in advancing battery technology. The International Battery Association will present the award to Prof. Doron Aurbach, credited with developing the first rechargeable lithium and magnesium batteries, at its annual convention on March 3-7, 2014 in Australia.

Aurbach, of Bar Ilan University, runs a laboratory that specializes in novel devices for energy storage and conversion, rechargeable lithium and Li-ion batteries and super (EDL) capacitors as well as rechargeable magnesium batteries.

“The Awards recognize significant contributions to battery research and technology development that have impacted the advancement of energy storage systems,” reads the IBA website.

Aurbach’s CV is long and noteworthy. He has penned more than 450 papers on battery technology, and has been quoted over 16,000 times in academic articles about battery science.

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