Photo of the Week – Storm coming

A storm hits Tel Aviv marina… okay, at least in the picture it does.

Photograph by

Okay, okay, there isn’t an actual storm coming. It’s just that when the skies are constantly blue, and the days sunny and warm in the midst of winter, as they have been for the last two months, you start to miss the rain and long for a storm or two to change the atmosphere.

In this case, a photograph is the best we can do. Tel Aviv marina is of course beautiful in the sunshine too, but it takes on a special kind of feel when the weather is changeable and the streets are wet.

You don’t have to be a boat fanatic to hang out in the marina – just sitting in a café, or wandering around the boats wondering what it would be like to live in one (I mean how would you fit in all those belongings…) is nice enough. Even when it rains… if it ever rains again.

Photograph by

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