Why you get fat being a couch slouch

Israeli researchers find that inactivity prompts fat precursor cells to pile on the pounds twice as fast, regardless of calorie intake. Photo by Serge Attal/Flash90 Sitting inactively for long period doesn’t just contribute to obesity, it actually creates fat. Marathon …


Omega 3 supplement from algae

No more pungent pills with a fishy after taste: Israel’s LycoRed offers a supplement that can be mixed into breads, crackers and even candies and chocolate bars. Nothing fishy lurking here – just unusually healthful candy. Mary Poppins always said …


Cannabis for the greater good

Tikun Olam, medical marijuana supplier to Israel’s Ministry of Health, views providing pain relief for cancer sufferers as a mission that will help repair the world.   Medical marijuana is a hot button topic: Will those permitted to use it …